Getting An Advanced Degree Online

Whether it’s because of job growth, potential to earn more income or to remain competitive in the workplace, advanced education degrees can be highly desirable from the perspective of a job seeker, an employee and an employer.

A key benefit of obtaining an advanced degree is that it often will allow you to bypass entry level jobs and immediately land in higher paying roles with greater opportunities for professional growth. Many senior management and senior professional jobs require an advanced degree.

As traditional universities and employers have come to view online degrees with increasing acceptance, the number of possibilities for advancing education online is greater than ever. Whether it’s Business, Education & Teaching, Criminal Justice & Law, Nursing & Healthcare, and Engineering, there is a wide variety of options to help advance your career and achieve your goals.

Online advanced degree programs may be especially appealing because many students at this level are already working in the field. These programs can offer easy access, convenience and flexibility. As an online student pursuing an advanced degree, you’ll work to improve your knowledge and skills in a specialized area.

Many accredited online degree programs feature not only live classes, but face-to-face classes as well. They also provide real-world learning experiences and a curriculum designed and by university faculty. Most programs can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

MBA and Online Business Programs

Online master’s degrees in business provide a more focused business education than other available graduate business programs. An online advanced degree in Business prepares students with leadership skills that are vital to advancing careers. Many programs require an internship or work experience and offer opportunities to network with classmates and business leaders.

Online Advanced Education Programs

Certain schools and school districts may require their teachers to have a master’s degree in Education. By taking courses to earn your degree online, it can lead to career growth and might also provide the necessary teaching credentials or licenses and lead to an increase in salary.

Online Criminal Justice Programs

Obtaining an advanced degree in Criminal Justice, can help graduates study criminal behavior, take on leadership roles in the justice system, work on research or policy analysis. Some top careers for those with a master’s degree in criminal justice include: Private Investigator, Criminal Investigator, Police Investigator and Intelligence Research Specialist.

Online Nursing Programs

Due to the growth of online nursing degree programs, students can advance their careers in one of the most demanding healthcare professions. Online advanced nursing degree programs give students more options for finishing their degree in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Many programs include a clinical component, often on campus or at a facility near a student’s home. Online nursing schools allow for students to pursue their degrees while working or to receive an education at a lower price.

Online Engineering Programs

There are several options for those looking to earn an online engineering degree to pursue, including specializing in specific areas such as civil, electrical or mechanical engineering. An online engineering master’s degree makes a much more competitive candidate in the job market, particularly when it comes to management and executive roles.